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The registration of trade representative office of a foreign company in Bulgaria is one of the options for a foreign citizen to acquire а residence permit in Bulgaria. The procedure can be described as one of the fastest options for obtaining a residence permit for Bulgaria.
If you own a company in your own country and if you are wondering about the options how to advertise the activities and the business of this company in Bulgaria, as well as if you are wondering how you can stay and reside in Bulgaria, then one of the options to do it is opening a trade representative office of your company in Bulgaria.
The representative office is not a new legal entity, so you can’t use it for performing business in Bulgaria directly. The idea of the office is to serve for the promotion of the business activities of the mother company, which you have registered in your own country, as well as to create new business links with local legal entities in Bulgaria.
Our law office can advise and represent you during all the steps of the above process, namely: registration of trade representative office; acquiring Visa D for Bulgaria; acquiring residence permit for Bulgaria. We can also assist you with the renewal of the received residence permit.

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